The Architecture Database Project is a searchable data collection that is a digital platform for work from students in the architecture department at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. Work was selected by professors to reflect the kind and quality of work done at the school. The database is part of an intellectual project that promotes the idea that architecture works produced in studio are a form of hypothesis making responding to various conditions, sites, and environments. This is a repository of ideas and provocations about what is possible in architecture and the environment, built or unbuilt. The database consists of plans, sections, elevations, photos, models and sketches representing work done by students from foundations in design to advanced studios engaging in ‘wicked’ problems that are difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize in the design of the environments that we inhabit.  


The work is searchable by keyword including project type, studio, semester, year, materials and construction type.  Click on Browse Items, then Search Items tab.

Recently Added Items

Environmental Resource and Learning Center


Drawings, plans and details.

Design X: Madison County Museum of History - Powell


Parti, diagram, concept; Processes, Sketches, Elevations.

Design X: Madison County Museum of History - Powell


Process, Sketch, Elevation; Plan, Process, Sketch, Shell.